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2nd European Winter Games 2021 for firemen & police & paramedics


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IMPORTANT INFORMATION (please read carefully)

Notice, that registration is always personal/individual.


Step 1. Always select registration fee (25€). Athletes also selects sports (35€/sport). Please, fill ALL asked registration information. Basis given information, you will get your personal/individual ID-card, tickets, benefits, entrace to happenings etc.

NOTICE! For safety reasons also coach, service, supporter, etc. needs to pay registration fee. Only registrated persons get ID-cards which ensures entrance in execution places, locker rooms, service areas/rooms, possible tranportation, other services etc. With ID-card you can also participate to opening & closing ceremonies and get all other benefits included to registration payment.


Step 2. PAY total amount with PayPal. Only by paying you ensure your RIGHT to participate the European Winter Games 2021.


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European Winter Games 2021
24 Feb 2021, 00:01
EWG 2021 - Operational Center