Giant Slalom

European Winter Games 2021 for firemen & police & paramedics

Welcome to city of Kuopio, Finland 24.-27.2.2021. We are competing in cross-country skiing, ice skating, ice hockey and giant slalom. All sports are situated in beautiful Kuopio-Tahko area.


Giant slalom sports & venues are held in Tahko Skiing Center, situated about 50 km from Kuopio city (map).

Dates: Thu 25.2.2021 and Fri 26.2.2021 (unconfirmed)

Age categories (years) for all indicidual sports:

- Open (up to 34)

- Senior (35-45)

- Master (46-55)

- Grand master (56 and over)

To view or download the Summary of giant slalom (events, categories, regulations and more...) see


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